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Creating an autism friendly Australia

We believe that a more autism friendly Australia, is a better Australia.

We feel passionately about inclusion and access for everyone. But for an individual on the spectrum, many public spaces can be challenging to access.

Sometimes making really simple changes or providing an additional resource can make the world of difference to someone on the spectrum and help create a more inclusive environment.

Together, we can work towards an autism friendly Australia.

How we can work together

We understand that there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to autism, and so we customise our approach for everyone we work with.

Here’s an example of how we can help you make your environment or workplace more autism friendly:

Market Research

If you are thinking of offering an additional resource or service for people on the spectrum, we can help you reach the Australian autism community and gauge interest with a survey or focus group.

Environmental Assessment

We can visit your organisation, and make a few suggestions for environmental strategies that might make your site more autism friendly.


Our team of specialists can provide training to your staff to help raise awareness and understanding of autism and offer practical tips on how to help someone on the spectrum.

Events and Resources

Some organisations offer autism specific events, early openings, or resources such as social stories, checklists or videos for the autism community. We can assist you in the development and delivery of these materials.


When an organisation becomes more autism friendly, we like to share the good news! We will share your great work with our social media and online community.


Surveys or focus groups with the autism community can be a great way to get feedback about your autism initiative.

Case Studies

In 2018 the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) worked with Autism Spectrum Australia to make a few small changes to their Biennale exhibition and created an autism friendly gallery experience for children and families. 
Click here to read more about the MCA Biennale experience.

The iconic Sydney Zoo has teamed up with Autism Spectrum Australia to start the Access Taronga initiative, which aims to provide a range of supports and services for guests on the spectrum.
Click here to learn more about Access Taronga

Who we have worked with



Costs are tailored to meet the requirements of each project. Costs include consultation from a person on the autism spectrum.

Get in touch

To discuss how we can work with you and your organisation, please contact us:
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Creating an autism friendly Australia