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Rewarding Careers Supporting Autistic People

The choice to become an allied health professional, clinical or neuro psychologist, or work in the disability sector (support worker/support coordinator) usually stems from an inherent desire to improve a person’s quality of life, help them meet their goals and, ultimately, make a difference in their lives. A career with Aspect does just that.

Current Opportunities

See below for a small selection of opportunities at Aspect for passionate professionals seeking rewarding careers in autism therapy. Click the button below the list to return to the Careers page and search all available positions.

Working at Aspect

Whether in small steps or big leaps, we know we’ve played an integral part in the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

We’re proud of our unwavering philosophy focused on a person-centred, strength-based approach. We know you’ll love working in an environment that truly celebrates neurodiversity.

Be proud every day

Start and end every day knowing that you’re doing something amazing. We celebrate the achievements of the people we support and take pride in organisational, professional and personal success.

Reach higher, expand your autism expertise

As you go the extra mile, we’ll recognise your achievements and support your development.

Connect with specialists who respect your work

Whether working independently or collaborating as a team, you’ll be connecting with highly skilled and like-minded people who will support you and value your strengths.

Put people first and embrace flexibility

We’re a truly person-centred and inclusive organisation, so flexibility is a must – both for you and for the people you support.

Roles at Aspect

Explore the services we offer to understand more about your role at Aspect and the work we do to support people on the autism spectrum

Meet our team

At Aspect, we embrace the philosophy of a different brilliant®. In fact, this person-centred philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re looking for candidates who embrace this philosophy. Who share our passion for understanding, engaging and celebrating the strengths, interests and aspirations of students on the spectrum.

Ready to get started with a career at Aspect?