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Experienced as an Occupational Therapist across a range of specialty areas, Emma joined the Aspect Therapy Team in 2016. Since then she has been devoted to providing support to families by building their capacity to care for their children on the spectrum.

Before she joined Aspect, Emma was a paediatric OT specialising in early intervention for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. She also worked as an OT in a rehab hospital specialising in work with stroke patients. Her extensive experience and breadth of skills meant Emma was perfect for a role with us.

"I have a passion for working with children and incorporating therapy for individuals into everyday life in natural environments, promoting their independence and daily function. Aspect was actually my dream job! I also love that the role offers so much independence, supervision and support."

Emma's role provides a lot of flexibility, meaning she manages her daily schedule which is something she has grown to really respect and value. Driving from homes, schools and community visits, Emma experiences the ocean and hinterland views in between sessions, giving her time for reflection and to refresh.

"As an independent person, I love working for Aspect. It has given me incredible opportunities to support families in various locations of the Far North Coast."

'A different brilliant' is something that truly sings true to the work Emma does with families and her personal approach to her role. She supports children on the spectrum and enables their families to support them through unique, and often challenging, situations.

"The people that we have the pleasure of working with at Aspect are brilliant. They're all so different in their own unique ways. It is such a rewarding job. Aspect Therapy has fantastic opportunities for learning and professional development. Aspect is extremely supportive of its staff as well as the clients we work with."

Emma speaks so highly of the team she works with and it is clear that working at Aspect means you have the opportunity to work with experts within the autism space. If you need help or you just want someone to have a chat to, people are always willing to lend a hand. It's important to remember that together, Aspect can achieve what's possible.

"I have the best team ever! My team are so passionate, hardworking, caring, hilarious and down to earth. The support coordinators are incredible and they're so motivating. I feel 100% supported in my position and this really does contribute to my own job satisfaction and wellness. I really encourage people to explore roles at Aspect. It's an amazing place to work no matter the role you take on."