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Matthew had never imagined his career would lead him to Aspect. His unique journey first led him to a role as a Support Worker, where he stayed for three years, before recently moving into the role of Regional Coordinator for our Choose and Connect Program in Hurstville.

"After working in retail for many years, I was ready for a change and I knew I wanted to be in a role where I could connect with people. While I was working in retail I met a customer with intellectual disabilities and we actually became friends; she would come in every day and we'd have lunch together. It became the best part of my day! I quickly realised I wanted a career where I could spend time with people."

Matthew now manages the team and provides support to them through training, supervision, and providing necessary resources. At Aspect, we support our people but require teams to be flexible and thrive with independence. This is something Matthew really encourages. Although people in his team could be working alone, he keeps them all connected.

"In this space, it's so important that we join together and become a team. We can't do it alone because it takes a network of people to achieve success. We all pull together and support each other to celebrate wins and overcome the challenges. It's a really nice place to work."

Aspect helps thousands of people on the spectrum each year. This wide-reach is what really attracted Matthew to join the team; because while our size is large and provides the expertise in autism, we're small enough to adapt our approaches.

"I get quite excited by Aspect. We provide amazing services and we have the resources to be flexible and try out new evidence informed ideas. We have a lot of history and relationships with international organisations. This ensures we have leading information and approaches to always work towards best practice. We don't stop, we are always improving on our work."

From his experiences working directly with people on the spectrum for over 3 years, Matthew is inspired by the Aspect philosophy. He is constantly striving to motivate, and in turn, inspires his colleagues. He has a distinct passion for helping people and it's clear he's found his place here at Aspect.

"I really believe that everyone is 'a different brilliant' and we should appreciate those differences. It means different skills, ways of thinking and personalities that can be amazing, beautiful and truly brilliant if we recognise and support that."

For those considering whether a role with Aspect is right for them, Matthew believes people need to consider whether they have one vital trait.

"We need people who see the inherent value in others. If you can do that, you're going to love the job and will have the best time. Never focus on what people can't do, only what they can, to lead meaningful lives."