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Starting her teaching career as a high school PE Teacher, Rebecca gravitated towards primary school teaching and had her first contact with Aspect students while working at one of our satellite schools. Following this experience, Rebecca went back to university to train in primary education.

“I worked on the year 7 class. I used to just love seeing these new fresh faces coming to school and everything was so foreign to them and watching them settle in through their first term of high school and make new friendships.”

The first class Rebecca taught have now all graduated, and she says it was one of the highlights of her teaching career.

“Just to watch that progression from them being such nervous little souls walking in the school gates for the first time and then actually blossoming, growing up and then graduating was a really special thing to see”

“The most rewarding part is helping the kids. I’m working in satellite classes rather than a base setting, so I’m really helping the kids integrate with other mainstream kids and exposing them to different social peer groups and different classroom settings, to get them integrating as much as we possibly can.”

“The school has been really supportive in getting our classes involved in the same way that every other class at the school is involved in their culture, so that’s really special and rewarding.”

At Aspect schools the class sizes are small and all have the support of a teachers’ aide, which allows students to receive the level of attention they may need. “We’ve only got six or seven kids in a class at a time so I guess you build that relationship where you can get to know the kids and their family on such a personal level.”

“Our team is awesome. This is my fifth year at Aspect and I’m not going anywhere. I think the team is super supportive, everyone is really knowledgeable in the field, everyone’s here for the same reason”

Rebecca has highlighted the professional level of teamwork as one of the keys to success in her role, with a team of not only just teachers but inclusive of teachers’ aides and the school principal supporting her.

“If ever you are stuck or you’re having a tricky day … there’s so many people around you that are really happy to support and come up with suggestions and ideas.”

“If you want to work somewhere really dynamic where every day is different, you’re open to challenge, you’re open minded and want to help people, you’re eager to work with families that have children on the autism spectrum, - then it’s definitely the right job for you”