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Aspect recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land where we live and work, respecting their history, connection to land and sea, and stewardship of these shared gifts.

Like the vibrant tapestry of our land, people on the autism spectrum are from all walks of life and backgrounds, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. However, we are aware that autism remains underdiagnosed among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities due to barriers like limited access to services and diagnostic tools, lack of trusted relationships, and fear of shame and blame.

Our vision at Aspect is to offer the best opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. We strive to understand, engage, and celebrate their strengths, interests, and aspirations through our purpose of “a different brilliant®”.

We believe that meaningful outcomes arise when the voices of those directly affected are heard, and we strive to continuously improve our partnerships with Autistic and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to co-design services and supports.

In the spirit of unity and progress, Aspect accepts the invitation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the Uluru Convention to walk together towards a better future. We support a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament as a crucial step towards ongoing reconciliation.

Respecting individuals’ rights to form their views, we encourage community members to be well-informed as we approach the referendum in the coming months. Together, we can continue on the path of understanding, respect, and inclusion for all Australians.

You can find a range of information presented in a variety of formats including print, video and podcast to suit different learning styles. We have also included Easy Read Documents. We encourage all Australians to seek out information to understand the implications of the upcoming Referendum.

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