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2020 has thrown most of us a curve ball, but for parents of children on the autism spectrum, where creating and maintaining a strict routine is central to a calm and managed home life, the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is having a bigger impact than most.
ARCAP’s commitment to improving the long-term quality of life for autistic people of all ages has underpinned the team’s achievements during its first 12 months of operation.
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Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), in partnership with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network Australia and New Zealand (ASAN AUNZ), has proudly launched the Aspect Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020 - 2023 (DAIP), a 3 year plan to develop a more inclusive and accessible organisation.
Aspect Annual Report Year Ending 2019 Page 01
The 2019 Annual Report released this week by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) highlights a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, and showcases the organisations partnership with Autistic people.
Models of Practice for teaching
We’re celebrating an important milestone – the completion of one of Australia’s largest and most successful autism education research projects and the launch of an online professional learning community - called inclusionEd - for educators who teach children with diverse learning needs, including those on the autism spectrum.
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Learn more about the journey and achievements of all 2020 Aspect Award Recipients
2020 rec award recipients
Nominees and recipients lists of the 2020 Aspect Recognition Awards.
Shoes and Sox and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) have partnered together to make the going back to school experience just a little easier for everyone involved!
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