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Aspect and the City of Sydney are working together to better understand the views of autistic people who live, work or travel through the City of Sydney local government area. Aspect will be conducting 2 focus group consultations as part of this work
A new card to help Autistic people disclose their autism to others when they find themselves in a difficult or emergency situation has been launched today by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).
As an Autistic person, or parent of an Autistic person, what matters most to you? What services and supports matter to you? Take part in our new study to inform Aspect’s future research program.
Dedicated autism champions and regular bank branch “quiet hours” are two of the key recommendations in a major study into the banking needs of Australians on the autism spectrum.
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COVID-19 is worrying for everyone, but frequent changes and uncertainty caused by the pandemic can be particularly difficult for many people on the autism spectrum and their families.
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An online auction for artistic works from students from the Aspect South Coast School is now open.
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Protecting children is everyone's business. All Australians are invited to look at how they can prioritise the well being of children and engage in National Child Protection Week – as individuals, as families, as organisations, and as a community.
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Wear it Purple Day is Friday the 28th of August, 2020. As Aspect continues to develop an inclusive organisation and inclusive services, the day will be celebrated across the organisation.
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