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Aspect and the City of Sydney are working together to better understand the views of autistic people who live, work or travel through the City of Sydney local government area. Aspect will be conducting 2 focus group consultations as part of this work
A new card to help Autistic people disclose their autism to others when they find themselves in a difficult or emergency situation has been launched today by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).
COVID 19 Mask tips
Working in collaboration with people on the autism spectrum, Aspect have produced some helpful tips around wearing masks
Sunday 23 August marks the start of Speech Pathology Week across Australia. The week is an opportunity to make all Australians aware of those in our community who have a communication disability.
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The Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice has just published the first ARCAP enewsletter
Senate Selact Committee Coat of arms
The Senate Select Committee secretariat has acknowledged that Aspect's submission was received by them on the 16 July 2020, explained that submissions are currently being reviewed prior to being uploaded to the website, and emailed the chair of the committee, Senator Hollie Hughes, to clarify the position.
Aspect Schools are establishing Student Representative Councils (SRC) this year to allow students to provide input into decisions that affect them and discuss school priorities and projects. Elected students will also be representing the school at school and community events, developing leadership and advocacy skills along the way.
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2020 has thrown most of us a curve ball, but for parents of children on the autism spectrum, where creating and maintaining a strict routine is central to a calm and managed home life, the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is having a bigger impact than most.
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