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This week Aspect released its Modern Slavery Statement. Aspect is already committed to acting ethically and operating responsibly and complies with labour rights standards, legislation and statutory requirements in Australia, however this statement commits us to actively identifying, reducing and reporting on the risk of modern slavery in our business operations and supply chains on an annual basis. By better understanding our own social impact, we take a positive and important step towards eliminating modern slavery in all its various forms.
Congratulations to Dr Jill Ashburner, recipient of the inaugural ARCAP Research Award. Jill is Manager of Research and Development at Autism Queensland.
Tori profile
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) has welcomed, Tori Haar, to the Aspect Board of Directors, acknowledging the importance of Autistic representation on the Board.
Annette Gallard
Annette Gallard will step into the role of Aspect Chair from today, replacing Julie Hamblin, who has been on the Aspect Board Chair since 2017.
Dedicated autism champions and regular bank branch “quiet hours” are two of the key recommendations in a major study into the banking needs of Australians on the autism spectrum.
Father daughter computer
COVID-19 is worrying for everyone, but frequent changes and uncertainty caused by the pandemic can be particularly difficult for many people on the autism spectrum and their families.
Autistic card3
A new card to help Autistic people disclose their autism to others when they find themselves in a difficult or emergency situation has been launched today by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).
COVID 19 Mask tips
Working in collaboration with people on the autism spectrum, Aspect have produced some helpful tips around wearing masks
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