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Australian Financial Review - 29 May 2023. A pioneering approach to helping children from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds achieve academically is being adopted by autism-specific schools in Australia.
As Australia celebrates World Autism Awareness Day and seeks to raise understanding of autism and how we can all make society a more inclusive place, Aspect Hunter School is acknowledging its students and staff and preparing for a new campus in Cardiff Heights.
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This year, Aspect Riverina School students and staff challenged themselves to complete an extreme version of the Walk for autism and conquer Mt Bogong, Victoria’s highest peak. The walk was designed to empower students by building self-confidence and resilience.
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Imagine not knowing how a place will sound, look and even smell before you even arrive? While this may not be a big deal for everyone, for people on the autism spectrum and their families this can be the difference between an unpredictable day full of anxiety or a more managed and calm experience.
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Australians recognised for their inspiration, determination and innovative support of the Autistic and autism communities
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Triple Olympian and bronze medalist rower, Chris Morgan, shared his journey today as an Olympian on the autism spectrum with students from Aspect's Central Coast school to support Walk for autism
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Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is excited to announce a brand-new partnership with The Athlete's Foot, one of the largest specialty athletic and lifestyle footwear retailers in Australia and New Zealand with over 130 locally-owned and operated stores.
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Do you know someone in the autism community who deserves recognition and acknowledgement for the amazing work they are doing to lift the lives, reputation or expectations of people on the autism spectrum? Nominate them now to Aspect's16th Annual Aspect Recognition Awards.
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