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The Board of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) decided in June 2017 to develop the Aspect Advisory Council comprising seven Autistic people. The Council provides advice to the Board and the senior management of Aspect on its strategy and operations based on their expertise and experience and is a formal part of Aspect’s governance framework. The terms of reference for the Council are part of Aspect’s Regulations which can be found on Aspect’s website.

The Aspect Advisory Council, which comprises 7 Autistic people is an essential part of the governance of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). The Council provides independent advice to the Board and Aspect’s Executive team on governance issues, including the management of corporate strategy and risk, based on the Members’ own insights and experiences.

The current membership of the council, (pictured below from left to right) is: Spencer Thew, Krishna Sadhana, John Brawley, Jac den Houting, Tori Haar, Paul Micallef and Ainslie Robinson.

The framework for the Council was based on work done by Dimensions, a leading disability organisation in the United Kingdom. They had tried a range of approaches to engage with people with disabilities in their organisation’s governance and found this to be the most successful. Aspect acknowledges the assistance we have received from Dimensions to form our Advisory Council.