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Chief Executive Officer

Jacqui Borland B.Sc, Dip Ed., B.Ed.Stud, M.Ed (Spec. Ed.& Incl.)

Jacqui joined Aspect in 2008 as a member of the national Positive Partnerships initiative and has held the role of National Manager, Education Sectors and Program Development. She is an experienced educator who has taught in specialist and mainstream, primary and secondary settings across a number of educational sectors. Jacqui completed her Master of Education with Monash University, during which time she undertook research into special education and inclusion.


Chief Financial & Information Officer

Jay Ou BEng (Telecomms), MAcc (Macq)

Jay joined Aspect in August 2007 and has held a number of roles including Finance Manager before being appointed National Director, Aspect Finance in April 2016. A Chartered Accountant (CA), Jay gained experience in private practice prior to joining Aspect. He has been instrumental to the development of Aspect’s financial model to address rapid changes in the disability sector whilst maintaining the organisation’s financial stability. Jay holds a Master of Accounting from Macquarie University.


National Director, Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice & Senior Education Consultant

Dr Trevor Clark PhD

Trevor joined Aspect in October 1987 and is a special educator with a comprehensive knowledge of educational programs and service provision for students on the spectrum and over seventeen years' experience in New Zealand, England and Australia. During his 20 plus years with Aspect he has been a teacher, principal of four schools and acting Director, Services. Trevor completed his doctorate in autism in 2001 at UNSW, including a curriculum designed to make functional use of savant and splinter skills (strengths and interests) in children on the spectrum.


National Director, People, Quality & Communications

Michelle Feros B.Ec/B.A (Asian Studies) (ANU), MLS&T (Prof) (USyd)

Michelle joined Aspect in 2011 as Manager, Learning & Development and has held the role of Assistant Director, Aspect People & Culture, then National Director, Aspect People since 2014. Prior to joining Aspect, she held similar roles at The Benevolent Society and in the corporate sector. Michelle completed her Masters in Learning Science & Technology from University of Sydney, during which she undertook research on factors that support informal learning in the workplace.


National Director, Aspect Education

Elizabeth Gadek B.Sc (Hons.), Dip. Ed., M.Ed. (Spec.Ed.)

Elizabeth joined Aspect in July 1985 and is a special educator who has been working with children on the spectrum for more than 25 years. During her time with Aspect she has been a teacher, a Teacher in Charge, the inaugural principal for Aspect South East Sydney School and over the last 7 years has held a variety of senior leadership roles with Aspect. Elizabeth completed her Master is Special Education from Sydney University with a major study in “Relieving the isolation of mainstream teachers of students on the autism spectrum through a support network.”


National Director, Fundraising

Olivia Shah

Olivia’s passion for fundraising started over 20 years ago at the British Red Cross, often with a collection tin in hand. In the following years she has been directly responsible for leading teams all over the world and generating in excess of $50 million for some very worthy organisations. These include Guide Dogs, Pareto Fundraising, Faraja Cancer Research and the largest mental health charity in the UK Mind.

Following a data-led strategic approach, whilst keeping communications with supporters fresh and honest is at the heart of her fundraising approach. When asked to sum up her job Olivia said “Every day I get to see the very best opportunities for people on the autism spectrum being delivered. In essence our job at Aspect Fundraising is to connect people who care, with people in need, who in turn enable incredible projects to come to life. It’s a privilege to be a part of that. ”