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Making the world more autism-friendly is not as hard as you think – all it can take is a shift in perspective. To help shed some light on this topic, we reached out to community leaders and autistic advocates to ask what they think.
When children on the autism spectrum receive an autism specific education, their wellbeing and mental health improves dramatically. The tailored education children receive at our Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) schools is nothing short of life-changing.
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For many Autistic people, the world can be an overwhelming place, but with the right supports in place, the impact of sensory processing difficulties on mental health and wellbeing can be significantly reduced.
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I want to thank you for playing your part in our goal to create a world where no one on the autism spectrum is left behind. Thank you for donating, attending workshops, being part of our community, following us on social media, and reading our stories
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Thomas Kuzma, Aspect's Engagement Officer and Social Mentor, reflects on 2020 and it's many challenges.
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The festive season is upon us. However you are celebrating or marking the occasion, we’ve created some inclusive, autism-friendly tips for an enjoyable holiday season.
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Want to help your child or students learn more about autism & neurodiversity? We’ve compiled a list of six children’s books about autism.
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Giving a Christmas Card to a teacher is one of the best ways to say thank you and wish them happy holidays. Here’s how to design and make your Christmas card!
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