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For families with children on the autism spectrum, like Logan, an early diagnosis means getting a head start on understanding their children and receiving the therapy and support they need.
There are many myths and misconceptions about autism. Just as every person is unique and an individual, with their own idiosyncrasies, interests and hobbies, it’s important to remember ‘When you’ve met one person on the autism spectrum, you’ve met one person on the autism spectrum’
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The IDoPWD is a wonderful day where we recognise the abilities of people with a disability.
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Ruby Susan Mountford discusses Autistic pride and the similarities they've found in their journey of being both Autistic and bisexual.
Our experts share the early signs of autism to assist parents and carers who are having concerns about a child’s development.
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In the episode entitled Leading: Australia’s Largest Autism Specific Provider, Jacqui discusses the Aspect’s mission and purpose, and her personal and professional experiences
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With the majority of the nation spending more time at home due to COVID, we asked Aspect therapists to share some common thoughts on PBS at home to help manage and be aware of ongoing behaviour patterns.
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When you are caring for a child on the autism spectrum, it can be easy to forget about your own mental health. It is important to remember that you can help your child cope with stress and anxiety by looking after yourself too.
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