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My community makes me proud to be Autistic every day. June 18th marks autistic pride day. This will be my first pride celebration. To celebrate I have gathered some of the words from my #ActuallyAutistic peers
Ten years ago, my mum enrolled me in Aspect’s Adult Community Services (ACS) program in Hawthorn, Victoria. I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 14, and didn’t do well at school.
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This year our household celebrated our son Liam starting an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. We never would have dreamt of this day almost 18 years ago, when at just 2 years old, he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.
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From Lattes to Cappuccinos, our Aspect Central Coast high schoolers are brewing up a storm through a new work education and employment program, which aims to prepare students for a smooth transition into employment post-school.
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Did you hear the news? World Autism Awareness Day is now World Autism Understanding Day! Ya’ll are probably wondering, why the name change? Well, it’s pretty obvious; the vast majority of our society have heard of autism.
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Being ‘aware of autism’ implies having a certain knowledge of autism that states ‘autism exists’. It does not imply a need for understanding and this is pivotal to being able to action autism awareness into furthering promotion of autism and Autistic inclusion and wellness.
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Making the world more autism-friendly is not as hard as you think – all it can take is a shift in perspective. To help shed some light on this topic, we reached out to community leaders and autistic advocates to ask what they think.
Harmony Day
How me getting to grips with my daughters hair led me to think differently about my role as a parent, my daughter’s culture and why this is important in my work in autism.
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