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As the summer school holidays are coming to an end, we explore strategies for preparing for the school year, helping Autistic children cope with the first days of school, and providing ongoing support.
It's Psychology Week 2022 and the focus this year is on the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents. There a lots of unique challenges facing our children and young people in today’s world! Here are some helpful resources to help support their mental health and wellbeing.
How much technology are you near right now? Do you have a phone in your pocket, a smart watch on your wrist, a tablet or laptop computer in your bag? These days we are never far from technology.
Autism diagnosis2
Receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child may feel overwhelming, but luckily there is plenty of support and information available to help you and your child navigate this path.
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When you have a hidden disability (e.g. Autism, Dementia, Sensory Processing, PTSD) accessing public spaces comes with a lot of barriers. This can include busy, loud, crowded environments, confusing and unexplained rules, and judgement from other people.
Autistic pride header
My community makes me proud to be Autistic every day. June 18th marks autistic pride day. This will be my first pride celebration. To celebrate I have gathered some of the words from my #ActuallyAutistic peers
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Ten years ago, my mum enrolled me in Aspect’s Adult Community Services (ACS) program in Hawthorn, Victoria. I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 14, and didn’t do well at school.
Two young Aboriginal boys
Very little is known about how autism is understood and supported in culturally and linguistically diverse communities, including First Nations People.
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