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Christmas is a time of giving. Here are 6 reasons why you should donate to charity in lieu of presents so your gift will provide meaningful support to those in need.
Dating can be fun, exciting, nerve-racking and at times, downright confusing. And while everyone’s experiences are different, for autistic people dating can come with an extra layer of complexity; involving reading non-verbal cues, picking up on innuendoes and an expectation to communicate emotions.
Thomas Kuzma welcomes us to his reality!
My name is Thomas Kuzma and I’m here today with my good friends Emma Gallagher and Amy Smith. We’re talking about the #metoo movement, relationships and consent
Tom Tutton writes about Zac's fascination with bins and garbage!
Holidays And Short Breaks
Hey guys it's Thomas Kuzma here, Happy World Awareness Months! I thought with school holidays upon us, you all would like to hear a conversation on autism and taking holidays!
Odd Man Out
This time on the blog, Thomas talks about how he felt being an autism advisor for the recent play 'Odd Man Out' at the ENsemble Theatre. He also talks about why you should go see it!
When it comes to dating, finding someone with the same interests as you can be hard. Emma and Thomas are young adults on the spectrum living in Sydney. This Valentine's Day, they share their stories about the highs and lows of dating when you are on the autism spectrum, and the things they have learned along the way.
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