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It's a new year and the TK blog is back! After a hiatus, Thomas is back with a blog targeted to parents and professionals. For his first blog this decade TK gives some advice for parents who are worried about the new school year
Researchers around the world have begun to take an interest in the financial experiences of autistic individuals. This is an important area of research as being able to manage your own finances is critical for living an independent life.
Pikachu hi pokemon
Thomas Kuzma - The new Star Wars movie released just over a month ago and with it came a variety of positive and negative views on this latest installment
Ben Caladruccio is a movie fan, writer and a young man on the autism spectrum.He's back with another review, this time of the drama "White Frog"
Ben Caladruccio is a movie fan, writer and a young man on the autism spectrum.We asked Ben to review the touching documentary "Life, Animated" and he's shared his thoughts below. There will be a special screening of Life, Animated at APAC17.
A student and teacher interact within a classroom at Aspect Hunter School
Is autism really on the rise? It certainly looks that way - the news is full of stories about increasing numbers of children in schools, funding for people on the autism spectrum is blowing the NDIS Budget, Vicki Gibbbs speaks further.
Thomas Kuzma welcomes us to his reality!
My name is Thomas Kuzma and I’m here today with my good friends Emma Gallagher and Amy Smith. We’re talking about the #metoo movement, relationships and consent
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