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All students with a disability have the right to participate in education on the same basis as other students. If you are on the autism spectrum, that means having equal access to the higher education opportunities you aspire to, with the support and reasonable adjustments you might need.
New research guidelines created to support Autistic people in their decision to disclose, and also provide guidelines to non-Autistic people on how to support someone who tells you they are Autistic.
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Sunday 21 August marks the start of Speech Pathology Week across Australia. The week is an opportunity to make all Australians aware of those in our community who have a communication disability. We asked two of our experienced speech pathologists, Eva and Isabella (Izzy), to tell us more about their work at Aspect and how speech pathology can help kids and adults maximise their communication and quality of life.
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From exceptional high needs to twice exceptional, Aspect's a different brilliant® podcast is providing a new resource to assist in understanding and learning about autism. Discover below our five most-listened podcast episodes across three seasons.
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ARCAP has recently completed a landmark study, in partnership with Autistic people and their parents/carers and Aspect practitioners, to find out what a good life means for Autistic people and for parents/carers of Autistic people and what might help or hinder Autistic people and parents/carers in achieving a good life.
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Receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child may feel overwhelming, but luckily there is plenty of support and information available to help you and your child navigate this path.
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When you have a hidden disability (e.g. Autism, Dementia, Sensory Processing, PTSD) accessing public spaces comes with a lot of barriers. This can include busy, loud, crowded environments, confusing and unexplained rules, and judgement from other people.
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My community makes me proud to be Autistic every day. June 18th marks autistic pride day. This will be my first pride celebration. To celebrate I have gathered some of the words from my #ActuallyAutistic peers
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