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Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) COVID-19 Notice

Given how rapidly the COVID-19 crisis is evolving and its impact on the autism community, autistic community and families and carers, we have revised the scheduled timeline for a number of research projects.

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Partnering with the autistic and autism communities

We are committed to our research being an inclusive ‘co-production’ that we undertake together with our most important research partners, who are individuals on the autism spectrum, and their families and carers.

At each stage of our research, we seek and value the perspectives and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum. As partners in our research, people on the autism spectrum work with and alongside our researchers to identify the focus of the study, ensure that information provided to participants is appropriate, collect and analyse data, and co-report on study results at conferences and other public forums.

This endorsement requires an organisation to have demonstrated a sustained commitment to quality research co-production, producing translatable outcomes relevant to the needs of the community.

Partnering with Aspect practitioners

The ARCAP research team has a unique advantage in working alongside Aspect’s educators, therapists, service co-ordinators and support workers. Drawing on the hands-on knowledge of these specialist autism practitioners provides valuable insights into the realities of autism practice, informs our research and allows us to develop and test ideas that will work not just in theory, but also in practice.

Collaborating with other autism researchers

In addition to our own program of research studies, we collaborate in research projects on the autism spectrum researchers in universities, government bodies, other autism service providers and other organisations in Australia and internationally.

In Australia, Aspect is a founding essential partner in Australia’s Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC), the world’s first national, cooperative research effort focused on autism.

Research in autism practice for business, government and the community

Together with Aspect’s initiatives to create an autism-friendly Australia, we undertake research to assist a diverse range of organisations such as government services, banks and museums to be more accessible for people on the autism spectrum.

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