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Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) COVID-19 Notice

Given how rapidly the COVID-19 crisis is evolving and its impact on the autism community, autistic community and families and carers, we have revised the scheduled timeline for a number of research projects.

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Our research program investigates all aspects of autism practice to support people on the autism spectrum and their families across their lifespan. This includes research into services for diagnosis, childhood intervention, education, transition to adulthood, employment support, community engagement, and ageing.

Aspect has been at the forefront in researching the everyday life experiences and needs of people on the autism spectrum. This research helps to raise awareness, promote discussion and pave the way for improving the services and supports that are essential for a good quality of life.

Current research studies

group of people talking
Where should ARCAP focus our research in autism practice, so that Aspect can best meet the priorities of autistic people and their families and carers for services and supports?
Attend A Workshop
How can we best facilitate the inclusion of children on the autism spectrum into mainstream early childhood education settings?
Inclusive banking
What makes it easier and what makes it more difficult for autistic adults living in Australia to access financial services? What can banks and financial institutions do provide an autism-friendly customer experience?
Tele therapy small
Is telehealth suitable for conducting autism assessments? Should Aspect continue to offer a telehealth assessment service after the COVID-19 pandemic?
Distance education
What are the experiences of students, parents and teachers involved in the Aspect Distance Education Program? Are there ways that the Program can be improved?
Apsect Forestville 345
By better understanding the exceptional skills of children on the autism spectrum, we we can design specialist curricula and programs that draw on their strengths.
We’re working with the Children’s Hospital Westmead to find out if a program of emotion-based social skills training for children on the autism spectrum and their parents works if it’s delivered by teachers in Aspect’s specialist autism schools.
Australian police
How can interactions between autistic individuals and the criminal justice system be improved? What policy and practice changes should be made to better support autistic people who come into contact with the criminal justice system?

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