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Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) COVID-19 Notice

Given how rapidly the COVID-19 crisis is evolving and its impact on the autism community, autistic community and families and carers, we have revised the scheduled timeline for a number of research projects.

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Our research program investigates all aspects of autism practice to support people on the autism spectrum and their families across their lifespan. This includes research into services for diagnosis, childhood intervention, education, transition to adulthood, employment support, community engagement, and ageing.

Aspect has been at the forefront in researching the everyday life experiences and needs of people on the autism spectrum. This research helps to raise awareness, promote discussion and pave the way for improving the services and supports that are essential for a good quality of life.

Current research studies

Aspect research that is already making a difference

Tele therapy small
Is telehealth suitable for conducting autism assessments? Should Aspect continue to offer a telehealth assessment service after the COVID-19 pandemic?
Apsect Forestville 345
To support autistic students make the most of their exceptional abilities, teachers need a good understanding of these abilities, and how to identify them.
Inclusive banking
What makes it easier and what makes it more difficult for autistic adults living in Australia to access financial services? What can banks and financial institutions do provide an autism-friendly customer experience?
Google Classroom was the primary tool used in Aspect schools to support remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is Google Classroom effective for remote learning?
Father daughter computer
COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing major disruption across the world. What have autistic people found difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic?
This research has led to the development of an autism training module that is now part of recruit training with ACT Police. Other law enforcement organisations are currently reviewing the module.
This research is now helping surf lifesaving clubs across Australia to run autism-friendly physical activity sessions for children on the autism spectrum.
White sneakers
This research is helping a national shoe retailer provide an autism-friendly shopping experience for children on the autism spectrum and their families.
Based on this research, Aspect’s new Teletherapy services are removing the burden and cost of travel for families and local support teams in rural and remote locations, giving them easy access to much-needed autism services.
Aspect C C 221
This ongoing Aspect research series enables people on the autism spectrum to have their say about the awareness, services and support they need to achieve their goals and aspirations, and informs the development of Aspect’s services.
Could text messaging be an effective way for autism services to engage with fathers of children on the autism spectrum?

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