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Living independently and autonomously are considered by many people to be important for wellbeing and leading a good life. In Australia, moving out of the family home to live in a household on one’s own, without any ongoing formal care, is traditionally considered to be one of the markers of living an independent adult life.

To date, there is no Australian-based research reporting on the views and experiences of Autistic adults who have moved out or want to move out of home. Likewise, there is a lack of research about what parents/carers perceive as obstacles to the moving out process, or what might help ease the transition to independent living. There are currently no formal supports or services available in Australia to enable Autistic adults to move out of the family home to live in a place of their own.

What do Autistic adults and their parents think could make it easier or more difficult for Autistic adults to move out of the family home to live independently? What services and supports could help Autistic adults to live independently in a place of their own?

The research

The following individuals are invited to take part in this research study:

  • An Autistic person living in Australia with a professional diagnosis of autism who:
    1. lives with a parent, family or guardian and wants to move out of that home to live independently (for example, alone, with flatmates or with partner/children) OR
    2. has moved out of home and lives independently (not in supported or supervised living with paid carers)


  • The parent/carer of an Autistic adult who meets the above criteria for Autistic participants.

Participants will complete a 20-minute online survey about their experience of moving out, what support they think is important and what are the challenges they may face during the process.

Following the survey, participants can opt-in to participate in a follow-up interview by Zoom about their personal experiences and perceptions about what may make it difficult or easier for an Autistic adult to move out of the family home to live independently in a place of their own.

Participants can choose to complete the survey only and not be interviewed.

Making a difference

This study aims to fill a clear gap in the research by investigating what Autistic adults in Australia and their parents perceive to be the barriers and the enablers of the move to independent living. The findings from this study will inform autism service provider practices to help Autistic adults in Australia who want to move out of their parent’s home and live independently.

Research team

Lead researchers

Vicki Gibbs, National Manager, ARCAP

Dr Mustafa Al Ansari, Postdoctoral Researcher, ARCAP

Research assistant

Emma Gallagher, Autistic Consultant, Research and Practice, ARCAP






Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)