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Many children on the autism spectrum benefit from additional support in the classroom. To support students in learning, teachers can use aids to facilitate engagement.

Research suggests that the use of digital technology devices in traditional education may benefit children on the autism spectrum. The use of robots may be an innovative way to provide a new environment to maximise engagement in learning.

How can robots be used in classrooms to improve engagement and learning outcomes for children on the autism spectrum?

The research

Aspect research is partnering with the CSIRO to investigate whether robots can improve students engagement in lessons and facilitate better learning outcomes for children on the autism spectrum.

The study will also investigate how the use of robots in classrooms is experienced by teachers, children on the autism spectrum and their parents or carers, to gain insight into the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing them as a learning tool.

Making a difference

This research will help us to understand if using robots in Aspect schools could be an effective way that we can further support the classroom engagement of children on the autism spectrum, so that they have better learning outcomes.

Aspect research team

Dr Susan Bruck, ARCAP (Lead Researcher)






Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)




Kirby Foundation