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The team at the Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) plans, supports and implements research projects, including evaluations, to ensure the continuous improvement of Aspect services. ARCAP researchers also collaborate in autism research studies with other autism researchers across Australia and internationally, and share the findings of their research through publications and presentations. Together, the expertise of the team encompasses education, early childhood development, psychology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, genetics, biomedical science, technology, information research and communications.

Trevor Clark, PhD, National Director, Research

Adjunct Associate Professor, Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University

Trevor is a special educator, researcher and author with a comprehensive experience and knowledge of educational programs, service provision and research related to the education of students on the autism spectrum. Trevor’s career in autism spans three decades and three countries - New Zealand, England and Australia. He completed his PhD in autism at the University of New South Wales in 2001 on the design of a curriculum to make functional use of savant and splinter skills in children on the autism spectrum. Trevor presents nationally and internationally on education and research in autism and is co-author of A Practical Guide for Teachers of Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Secondary Education and author of Exploring Giftedness and Autism - study of a differentiated program for autistic savants. Trevor is a member of the Executive Committee of the Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR) and served as the Society's President for 2015-2016.

Vicki Gibbs, M Clin Psych, National Manager, Research and Assessments

Vicki is a clinical psychologist with specialised training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of autism in children and adults.
Vicki is the co-author of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ consensus paper for paediatricians in the diagnosis and assessment of autism and numerous papers into autism assessment practices. She has provided consultation and training in relation to autism to a range of organisations including health and education departments and universities and was key to the development of Launchpad, Aspect's website assisting young people on the autism spectrum to navigate the transition from school to adult life.
Vicki is also currently undertaking doctoral studies in autism at Macquarie University, under the supervision of Dr Liz Pellicano. She is also the parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum.

Kaaren Haas, BSc, MA, Research Officer and Strategy Advisor

Kaaren is responsible for the design, implementation and reporting of numerous research studies for the Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice. She also assists the team with strategy and planning, including communications with our communities about ARCAP’s research.
Kaaren holds a Masters in information research from University of Technology Sydney, majoring in qualitative research and information search. Her research interests focus on the experiences, aspirations and support needs of people on the autism spectrum, and strategies to enable participation in the community. Kaaren has authored journal articles in the field of autism and is a co-author of Aspect’s 2017 book Shining a Light on the Autism Spectrum: Experiences and aspirations of adults.
Kaaren was previously communication manager for a number of leading Australian corporations and a policy and research officer with the Australian government. She is also the parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum.

Ru Ying Cai, BSc, BIS, GradCertEval, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher

Ru has recently completed her PhD at La Trobe University with the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, examining emotion regulation and mental health in youth and adults on the autism spectrum. Ru has also conducted research in autism on the topics of tertiary education, employment and financial wellbeing, presenting the findings from this research at national and international conferences and publishing in various international journals. At the Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice, Ru's research is currently focussed on the Inclusive Bankingproject for Beyond Bank. Before her career in research, Ru worked in information technology as a project manager and IT auditor.

Abigail Love, B.S., M.S., PhD Postdoctoral Researcher

Abigail (Abbey) is an educational psychologist with experience working as a teacher, advocate, and researcher. She completed her PhD at the University of Kentucky where her dissertation and advocacy work centred on educating first responders to better support their autistic community members. She has worked as a lecturer in inclusion in the international context, and has experience teaching school-aged students. In Australia, Abbey has most recently worked in education as a learning specialist focused on SWPBS and the education of students with challenging behaviour.

Ainslie Robinson, BEd Studies, Research Assistant

Ainslie joined Aspect in 2015 as an autistic researcher for the Autism CRC project 2.037 Models of Practice, which has investigated and developed ways of supporting transitions in middle school for autistic school students. Her current work for ARCAP includes supporting the development and implementation of ARCAP's Exceptional Abilities studies in Australia, China and the USA.

Ainslie is also a member of the Aspect Advisory Council, a formal body in Aspect’s governance framework. Comprised of seven members of the autistic community, the Council provides advice to the Board and the senior management of Aspect on its strategy and operations.

Ainslie graduated with a Bachelor of Educational Studies majoring in social studies from University of New England, and is currently undertaking a Master of Arts (Sociology).

Ainslie is also the parent of a school-aged child on the autism spectrum.

Shivana Chandra, BEd (Primary), BSc, MBMSc, Research Assistant

Shivana is a research assistant working with the team on a variety of projects. At present she is conducting literature reviews to inform the Aspect Comprehensive Approach, as well as supporting the ARCAP Research Priorities Project.
Shivana has completed a Bachelor of Science with majors in genetics and biomedical science. She has recently completed her Masters of Brain and Mind Sciences at the University of Sydney with the aims of pursuing a PhD. Prior to working in research, Shivana has worked as a primary school teacher in Queensland and has experience in working with students on the autism spectrum. She has a keen interest in combining her passion for neuropsychology and education and exploring the field of research in these areas.

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