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What is this research study about?

This study aims to gain an insider perspective into the experiences of autistic adolescents to increase understanding about what it means for them to have a diagnosis of autism and develop a sense of Self.

Why should I help?

This information will help increase understanding about how autistic adolescents interpret their experiences of having a diagnosis of autism. The understandings aim to provide information for improving services and supports to autistic adolescents.

Who can take part?

Participation is entirely voluntary and parents are welcome to observe the interview process.
You are invited to take part in this study if:

  • you are an Australian citizen living in Australia
  • you are aged 13 to 18 years
  • you have received a formal diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum
  • you have not received a diagnosis of an intellectual disability

You will require access to the internet as interviews are being conducted online due to COVID-19.

Who is conducting this study?

This study is being conducted by Franki Ford (Research student, Flinders University SA) and supported by Flinders University, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Researcher’s profile link:

What will I be asked to do?

You are invited to attend a one-on-one interview with the researcher via video conferencing (Zoom) to answer questions regarding your views about what it means for you to have a diagnosis of autism.

The interview will take a maximum of 90 minutes and can be conducted in one or more sessions depending upon your preference.

To reimburse you for your time, you will be provided with a $50 iTunes gift card upon completion of all three parts of the interview.

When and where?

The researcher will send you a link to join a Zoom meeting at a time and date that suits you. You will be provided with the interview questions before the interview date so that you can think about the topic in advance and enjoy the interview process.

To find out more about the study and register to participate:

To find out more about the study and register to participate:

Please email Franki at or text Franki on 0491 957 150

Please feel free to forward this information to others who might also be interested in participating.

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