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What is this research study about?

This study aims to capture views of educators, parents, caregivers, specialist and students on:

  • Why families chose alternate education settings?
  • What role the student plays in the decision-making process?
  • What works well in alternate education settings?
  • What additional help and support would benefit the systems currently used in alternate education settings?
  • How this information can be used to inform work in traditional mainstream settings?

Why should I help?

The findings of this study will be used to help inform more inclusive and supportive approaches to students on the autism spectrum more broadly.

Who can take part?

You are invited to take part in this study if you are:

  • Educators working with middle years learners on the autism spectrum
  • Parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum
  • Specialists working with middle years learners on the autism spectrum
  • Students aged 8-17 years who are, or think they might be, on the autism spectrum

Who is conducting this study?

This study is funded by the Autism CRC. Researchers from Queensland University of Technology are conducting this study.

What will I be asked to do?

We are looking for participants to complete an online survey which will take 30 minutes. You may also take part in an interview.

When and where?

Surveys will be available online. Interviews may be conducted via phone or videoconference.

To find out more about the study and register to participate:

To find out more about the study, please visit the website:

Please feel free to forward this information to others who might also be interested in participating.

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