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What is this research study about?

This study aims to evaluate an online mindfulness treatment that is designed to reduce reducing stress for parents of children with developmental disabilities.

Why should I help?

The findings of this study will be used to help develop more effective treatments to improve the wellbeing of parents of children with developmental disabilities.

Who can take part?

You are invited to take part in this study if you are the parent of a child with a developmental disability, you experience stress, and you are an Australian resident.

Who is conducting this study?

Researchers from University of Technology Sydney are conducting this study.

What will I be asked to do?

Complete a brief, free, online mindfulness program, which can be accessed via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This program is two (2) weeks long, and involves ten minutes of meditation a day, and access to a mindfulness website. For the research you will be given questionnaires at several points.

When and where?

Whenever is convenient for you over a two week period!

To find out more about the study and register to participate

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