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What is this research study about?

This study aims to:

  1. examine the experiences of families—autistic parents and their children, where possible—in navigating the schooling system and especially their perspectives on the extent and nature of their relationships with school
  2. elicit the views and perspectives of teachers to understand in greater depth the barriers and enablers of working with these children and their families.

Why should I help?

The findings of this study will provide insight into the current experiences of home-school relationships for autistic parents and identify future supports and strategies to improve such relationships, where needed.

Who can take part?

You are invited to take part in this study if you are a/an:

  • Autistic parent who also has a child/children with a diagnosis of autism, who are currently engaged in education, including in kindergarten, primary school, high school or home-schooling
  • Young autistic people themselves, if possible
  • Teacher who educates children with a diagnosis of autism.

Who is conducting this study?

  • This study is funded by Positive Partnerships. Researchers from Macquarie University are conducting this study.

What will I be asked to do?

Participants will be individually interviewed. Parent interviews will take ~45minutes. Child and teacher interviews will be shorter. All participants will be reimbursed for their time.

When and where?

Interviews can be done via Zoom, on the phone, in writing or face-to-face (if feasible).

To find out more about the study and register to participate:

Please email Stacey Rabba:

Please feel free to forward this information to others who might also be interested in participating.

Phone us to discuss how we can help you.

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