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Access to behaviour support services for individuals with a disability, particularly in rural and remote regions of Australia is significantly impacted by workforce shortages. Telepractice is emerging as a potential solution to expand access to a larger pool of qualified behaviour support practitioners, providing timely, quality, low-cost behaviour support services for people in rural and remote areas.

The emergence of COVID 19 also established the need for alternative service design solutions in the delivery of behaviour support where individuals were effectively isolated due to public health measures that reduced in-person services, an unprecedented circumstance for people with disabilities and service providers.

Based on their current research study on the delivery of PBS via telepractice (TelePBS), the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission funded Aspect to develop a range of resource materials to support Behaviour Support Practitioners to conduct TelePBS in a safe, competent and effective manner that also meets the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission’s PBS Capability Framework and practice standards. These resources are available below and also on the Commission website at

More information on the TelePBS project

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