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Aspect’s future research – about, for and by Autistic people

21 July 2022

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People who have the opportunity to freely express their preferences and feelings have more control over the decisions that affect their life and are better able to contribute to things that are important to them. By understanding what matters to Autistic people, researchers from the Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) are better able to devise a future research agenda that is respectful and relevant to Autistic people. In turn, this will inform Aspect’s approach to supporting Autistic participants and their families to fulfil their goals.

ARCAP has recently completed a landmark study, in partnership with Autistic people and their parents/carers and Aspect practitioners, to find out:

  • what a good life means for Autistic people and for parents/carers of Autistic people
  • what might help or hinder Autistic people and parents/carers in achieving a good life.

We are grateful to the study participants who generously gave their time to share their views. Their feedback resulted in the identification of eight research priorities that most matter to Autistic people (see diagram). Moving forward, we are now carefully considering these priorities as we devise our future research agenda comprising projects that are about, for and by Autistic people.

We invite all Autistic people and their parents/carers to share their lived experience and wisdom by taking part in our upcoming research projects.

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