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Free activities to do at home

26 July 2021

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The following list is a collection of free activities you can do in your own home using the internet, which can help to keep your mind and body active, and keep yourself and your family entertained.

The majority of the activities are free all-year-round, but some items are only free for a time-limited period, due to the pandemic. All activities on the list are currently free of charge. Please note, some activities may resume charging at some point in the future.

Arts and Culture

Museums and Landmarks

Travel and Nature

Funny pet videos



Literature and Podcasts

Sensory videos

  • Hey Bear Relax - Lanterns - Relaxing Video - Calming Music - Stress Relief:
  • Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.3 (Hypnotic Visuals to Relaxing Ambient Meditation Music):
  • Autism sensory color changing fireworks slowed down with music:

Online Learning

Virtual Walking Tours

Note: there are many more, type in “virtual walking tours” or “tours” in your search engine.

  • Rome:
  • Pompeii:

Health and Wellbeing


  • Teleparty - watch Netflix with your friends online, all at the same time with an added group chat feature: (requires a Netflix subscription)
  • Houseparty - an app to video chat with friends and play simple games like Pictionary and Heads Up:
  • JackBox Games (there is a cost for this) What is Jackbox? - Jackbox Games – There is a cost to download game packs from this site from $0-$50 per pack of 5 games. These can be played in groups via mobile devices whilst you are all on Zoom or Teams.
  • Free Online Escape Rooms:
  1. Minecraft Escape Room (
  2. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room (
  3. Aquarium Mystery (
  4. Virtual Escape Room: Unlock Disney World! (Does not work on most School google accounts. Sign into your personal google account for it to work!) veudw - Google Slides

Games online

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FREE activities to do at home

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