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Hannah’s journey at an Aspect school

19 September 2023

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Ever wonder what it’s like being at an Aspect school? Hannah, one of our students at Aspect Central Coast Secondary School tells us about her experiences and thoughts about school in the following Q&A session.

Question 1: Can you tell us when you started at Aspect Central Coast School, Hannah?
Hannah: I began my journey at Aspect Central Coast School in 2020 when I was in Year 8.

Question 2: What aspects of Aspect Central Coast School do you love the most?
Hannah: I absolutely love this place! All the teachers and teacher's aides are really great, and we get to do lots of fun stuff. The opportunities in agriculture and everything here are just amazing.

Question 3: Do you have a favourite classroom or area at school that you like to use?
Hannah: Well, there's this room that's pretty cool when no one's in there. It's a nice place to have some time to myself and hang out in the lounge.

Question 4: How has Aspect Central Coast School helped you with your learning?
Hannah: The teachers at Aspect Central Coast School are incredibly helpful, more than other schools. If you need extra help, they'll take you outside to make everything easier for you.

Question 5: Have you made friends at Aspect Central Coast School?
Hannah: Absolutely! Everybody here is friends with everyone. Most of the time, everyone gets along really well.

Question 6: Will you stay at Aspect Central Coast School till the end of the year? What about next year?
Hannah: Yes, I'll be staying here till the end of this year. Unfortunately, next year will be my last year, which is really sad.

Question 7: Do you have any plans or hopes and dreams for the future?
Hannah: I have no idea, to be honest. It's a bit too hard to say right now. It's a big question, and I don't even know the answer.

We hope you enjoyed this insightful conversation with one of our Aspect Central Coast School students, Hannah. The Aspect Central Coast School has provided specialised autism education for over 30 years across The Entrance, Wyong and Gosford Local Government Areas. Our main campus is in Terrigal and we have satellite classes in both NSW Department of Education and Catholic Schools at Wamberal, Tuggerah, Gosford, Woy Woy and Toukley. Our school currently caters to over 135 students from 4 to 17 years.

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