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Aspect's Inclusion Statement aims to make everyone feel welcome to be their authentic selves

21 December 2023

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Aspect developed an Inclusion Statement to highlight the importance of a culture of inclusion and explicitly communicate this inclusion with staff and stakeholders.

The statement, co-developed with Autistic staff, lets people know that they are welcome to be their authentic selves during a meeting, encouraging people to do whatever they feel they might need to, in order to be comfortable and to facilitate better participation. The statement acknowledges that strategies, such as walking around, using a fidget toy, turning off a camera during a Zoom meeting, or simply recognising that there is a child in the background, can help some people feel more productively engaged with a meeting or event.

The Inclusion Statement has also been turned into a poster, which is proudly displayed at all Aspect schools and offices across Australia.

The poster reads 'Aspect wants you to know that you are welcome to be your authentic self here without judgement. Please let us know if there is anything we can do that would make you feel more comfortable – for instance show you to a quieter area or provide an interpreter service. You are also welcome to use your own strategies to help you feel engaged and relaxed.'

Diversity and Inclusion at Aspect

Aspect is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and encourages a diverse and inclusive workplace which brings out the best in our people and helps to more successfully achieve our mission and more effectively respond to our participants /students, their families and the communities in which we work.

Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan provides a clear roadmap for our organisation to continue to prioritise strategic actions and align resources to break down barriers through inclusive and accessible programs, employment, and facilities.

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