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One more hurdle

  • Posted: 26/09/2014
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Welcome back readers, I hope you all have been doing well; I am exhausted from last week’s exciting event. What was that event you ask? Well wait no more, here is:

Awaking from my slumber in my brother’s apartment I walked outside and realised the day was upon us. The sun was beaming down like an entity, saying “TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THE ASPECT SCHOOLS ATHLETICS CARNIVAL”. Then I realised I had shouted out loud and woken the baby two floors down. I ran inside and had a shower as he cried.

Being the hard worker that I am, the type of man that will go to great lengths to get the job done, to climb mountains and to be very humble about doing such a thing, I arrived at Olympic Park extra early! Being the responsible adult that I am, I spent the first hour blowing up balloons. Nothing is more celebratory than a plastic sack of your air. After I helped set up I ran over and tested the crash mats by crashing into them like I was crashing into some guy called Matt.  Then I looked over and saw that the volunteers were gathering in the meeting area. So as fast as road runner I bolted for the stands.

Chris Parry-Okeden had the floor. There were a good 125 people in that meeting room listening to Chris give us the brief on the day’s jobs.  Hearing the jobs go quicker than hot steaks I leapt at the hurdles jobs. I had the awesome job of handing out first place ribbons to all kids in the 100 metre hurdles. With our jobs ready we headed to our locations.

The kids flocked to the stands and we were amazed by how many had come; they were all in their supporting outfits too!

We started our opening proceedings. First up were the schools walking along the track, representing their school’s colours. After the Australian National Anthem and recognising the sacred land that we stood upon, we handed over to Brenton Lawrence for the opening address. Once Brenton finished I was shocked to see that WOODY AND BUZZ LIGHTYEAR HAD ARRIVED!!!! I couldn’t believe that these two Disney legends had taken time from their busy lives to be with us at this sports carnival!

Then came the school war cries. Being the man behind the blog, I can’t name who I liked the most, there were some really good war cries and others had a lot of enthusiasm mixed in with some great dances. After the South Coast School won the war cry it was time to get the carnival underway.

I was excited as we got ready for the first kids to race. The air was electric with excitement, the scene was dynamically astounding and the track, well, was orange. The kids were at their marks, ready to hear those three words. Ready, Set, GO! They dashed, jumping over every obstacle in their path (or, in some cases, around them).  Parents, teachers and volunteers all cheered the kids across the finish line. Thunderous applause was given to each and every one equally. I ran eagerly over to the first winner of that day. I congratulated him, shook his hand and handed him his ribbon.

As the day went on I gave high fives, fist bumps and handshakes to all the participants – not just the first place winners! There were some truly heart-warming moments – looks of joy on parents’ faces as their kids received their ‘First Place’ ribbons. Amongst all the excitement and fun there were a few kids that tried their best, yet still didn’t come first, second or third and were just upset over it. It was sad to see them in this pain, so I walked over, talked to them and gave them a ribbon for trying so hard.

But this wasn’t a hurdling carnival; there were heaps of other activities going on throughout the day. There were the classics, long jump, high jump, the jump to hyperspace (okay I made that one up) and tunnel races. They had some really epic events too like egg and spoon race, bean bag toss, throwing footballs at targets, even foam javelins. I almost took Buzz’s eye out, but that’s a secret between you and I.

After lunch we had the second batch of runs ready to hurdle over the competition and jump into action (see what I did there?). I continued handing out 1st place ribbons to the fastest of hurdlers and as the day started to wind down, I felt like I had achieved my goal. High fiving Buzz on my way to the stands I got ready to watch the relays. The race was down to two schools, South East Sydney and ‘The Riverina’. It was so close time slowed down.  It came down to the last switch; Riverina got the upper hand and took it home for first place.

With the events finished, relay over and the races finished, the day was coming to a close. It was time for the awards ceremony. We saw so much that day, from the students and their athletic abilities. In third place was Macarthur on 28 points; in second was Central Coast School and in first place Riverina with an epic 68 points! Riverina may have had the most points but if there was one winner I would have to say she is a close friend of mine, her name would be Fun! 

Over all I would say the day was a complete success, we had a fantastic time and made a lot of families happy.  At the end of it all, nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters to these events except the people on the spectrum. I hope all those at the event had a wonderful time, because I have to say, it was truly phenomenal. You can check out the gallery on our Facebook Site to give you a flavour of the day.

Until next week, I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

I hope you can grab this weeks riddle like a cat grabs a mouse (last weeks riddle)

What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees,
Up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?


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One more hurdle