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A Spectrum Of Colour

  • Posted: 01/04/2015
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Hello Readers, welcome back to Aspire. I hope that you all are doing well, I have been slowly heading towards my goal of being more independent, rather than being in the pendants which is a very hard thing to do. Love struck out with my Valentine’s Day poem and now I am focusing on my career. Its funny how love is related to colour red, and business is blue, but that’s just the start of the whole colour spectrum…

 Did you know black and white aren’t colours? They’re tones. Orange is an interesting colour, we see it everywhere we go, but it is considered to be disliked by a lot of people. Pink is considered feminie, but I think women look better in a nice cocoa brown skirt. Green can colour anything from face of nature to the face of the sick and purple, well purple was once used by the LBGT community and by royalty, which works fabulously for those drag queens.  Using inspiration from one of my mentors today I am going to write you all a poem.


I awake from my deep dark slumber, in a sea of troubles

I am cold, wet and afraid, for I have no idea where I am

I swim, and I see everyone I know, in distant lands, far away homes

I reach a shore, and I look to the sky, I see mystery fly


It’s a mystical creature, the fellow from the sky

Its wings show poison from its past as it soars 

It grabs the sky with its beak, shaping it to his canvas

It dives for me ambitiously, takes aim and swallows me whole.


She appears to me when I thought all was lost

She bares fire of hope, glowing in this tunnel of doom.

She sees the oncoming struggle and tackles it head on

She does it for love, the love of the test


The test is seems clear but is lost to us all

The puzzles that it brings to our brain

The sweat builds for the heat builds inside us.

The solution it brings, an end in sight, a prize


A New day comes through for us all

A fresh space filled with surprise and energy.

A loyal, young land filled with prosperity for all

A chance to see, a hand is near.


We walk together in unity, all together as one

We grow, because we are safe from all harm.

We are nature, we go forward together

We may be naïve, but we learn in harmony


Thanks for reading guys, this is to my boss who has been wonderful over the past year she has been looking out for me, helping me out. Mel, we will miss you when you go thank you for everything you have done for this humble, amazing crew that works at Aspect. Your colourful dresses are always fantastic and we just know it will bright up the next company you are with.

Lastly before we go today, I would like to mention that we are doing something extra colourful for World Autism Awareness Day this year. We are leaving the colour blue and entering a whole spectrum of colours! So come down to Hyde Park at midday to have some awesome fun with Aspect as we go colourful for Autism!

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A Spectrum Of Colour