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The Trail We Blazed! Tommy K's Oz Comic con Experience

  • Posted: 04/10/2016
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Aspies and Neurotypicals. It’s time for another issue of Aspire. This past fortnight has been INSANE! I was at Oz Comic Con, Aspect South Coast School’s Gala Dinner, Aspect Comedy Night and I have Aspect Sports Carnival this week! So I am swamped. All of these will be covered on the blog, so don’t you worry!

Now it’s time to take you back long ago, to 10th and 11th of September as I Thomas Kuzma went to Oz Comic Con.

‘Twas a brisk yet sunny Saturday morning as I ran through the streets of Sydney, ukulele in one hand and a frappuccino in the other. People watched as my bright blonde wig and red shirt waved in the wind whilst I jogged down to Darling Harbour. I skidded and dodged past slow moving tourists as I just managed to make it to the Ferry, which would carry me safely to the convention.

With the bright sun in my face and refreshing breeze to keep me calm, I poorly pretended to play the instrument in my hands whilst we floated towards the con. Arriving, I got a call from my friend Michael, whom I would be doing a “couples cosplay” with. Not even a foot in the door and he was anxiously waiting for us to be reunited.

Wandering in and showing off my weekend pass I was given my tag and I went to see Michael. Together we made, Miguel and Tulio, the hilarious duo from the Road to Eldorado. 

Almost instantaneously we were surrounded by fans of the movie, wanting some snaps with us, we happily obliged. Walking around, I saw some fantastic cosplays and stalls. We were feeling thirsty so I bought a bottle of water at the café there… next time I’m bringing my own water from home.

We strolled over to the celebrity section, wondering who we might see. I was very excited to see that Maggie Roswell the voice of Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy and Luann Van Houten from the Simpsons was there. Not only that, a Transformers G1 voice actor by the name of Hal Rayle was there. But I couldn’t see them right now, I should be wearing something more Simpsonsy for such an occasion.

We had discovered that this convention had so much to offer and was firing on all cylinders. We took a gander at the Cosplay Workshop. They had a large variety of people working throughout that weekend, talking about how to stylise wigs, work with foam, and build props from scratch. 

We found our way to Cosplay Central where we were given a mighty and powerful welcome by our cosplaying friends. The guys bowed and the gals swooned over our amazing grace and valour. We stunned the crew with my hilariously bad ukulele playing skills and Michael showed them that we can still play that awesome game we played in Eldorado.

Okay that never happened, but we were given a very gracious and warm welcome by everyone. We got some snaps from the photo wall, with professional photographers might I add! We were about to chat with some mystical looking Eevee ladies when Michelle, the lovely lady that runs this fun event, asked to take some photos. We pulled off every shot we could think of, from movie poses to the wonderfully strange ones that send the girls wild.

Sadly 3:30 came a bit too quickly and I had to run away. There was a Gala down in Wollongong and it wouldn’t MC itself! But that’s a tale for another time.

I’ve always wanted to say that! That and “Oh no, our firepower is only making it bigger!”

Sunday dropped by and the beard I had grown for Miguel had to go. As I look at my reflection right now I realise how short my face is without the face fuzz on my chin.  Sadly, Troy McClure doesn’t wear a beard unless he is in the play version of ‘Planet of the Apes’.

Travelling in on Sunday I looked more like a Mormon in a pink sweater than a Simpsons character. Maybe I should have had some yellow face paint. Once again I took the ferry in and I saw some people looking at me, trying to figure out who I was. Walking up to them I cleared my throat and said “Hi I’m Troy McClure, you may remember me from such movies as ‘Dial M for Murderessness’ or ‘The President’s Neck is Missing’’.

Hearing this, people started squealing like they had just seen Harrison Ford. I strutted in and saw some friends so I pulled another Troy line. Amazed by my impression I found out that I would be in more videos than photos today. It was time for round 2.

Waiting to go see Maggie I decided to check out some of the other cosplayers and stalls. Over at the Hanabee (no, I didn’t say Harambe) Table, I discovered that there was a mighty dance off happening. Strutting my stuff to the arena, I saw Ace Ventura on the other side, ready to boogie down.




Ace and I started dancing vigorously, trying to find out who can dance better. Ace’s classic moves were up against my ‘Robot’. Ace dived for the floor and started break dancing! With no idea of how to compete against the Jim Carrey look-a-like I tried a dance that was a hybrid of moves I learned, moves that my professional dancer cousin Jake taught me and me just trying not to fall over.

After we both left the arena we congratulated each other and went our separate ways. Looking at the time I realised that Maggie was at her table for signatures. Walking proudly over I said to her “Hi, I’m Troy McClure, you may remember me from such educational programs as ‘Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly’ and ‘Firecrackers: The Silent Killer’”


What that started was a half an hour talk about the Simpsons, comedic writing and the late Phil Hartman, who voiced Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz. Hal, the Transformers voice actor joined our conversation and I ended up hearing a spot on Phil Hartman impression. I was so close to tearing up, hearing that familiar face once again. Thank you Hal.

I was so happy with what I had gone through, I decided to go check out the gaming and relaxation section of the convention. That’s where I met some Australian convention famous faces. Yug and David from Pax and Supanova were checking out a Playstation Move game that involved musical instruments and trying to tap other people’s Move controllers. We had a fun time playing and talking pop culture.

I noticed to the corner of my eye was a chill out zone, hosted by a different not-for-profit organisation. A friend of mine and I had some fun colouring in their poster and then it was time for lunch. 

I don’t normally do this, but I decided to have KFC for lunch. You guys know how much I like to keep a good body, but let’s face it, on the weekend of a con, there is no room for healthiness.

Coming back I went back to my friends at Cosplay Central and talked about Spider-man (I have now learnt not to forget the hyphen in-between those words…). That’s when the videos started pouring in. Everywhere I turned, someone wanted a video of me doing the classic Troy McClure opening. I loved the attention, I’ll admit that.

With the sun setting I decided it was time to go home. I will say the only disappointment, and yes this is a pretty big one, was that there was no Mr Whippy van out the front. In the previous years, Mr Whippy has humbly graced us with his presence and every year I purchased a choc-top to enjoy on the ferry home. It just didn’t feel the same…

I will admit there was a giant undead hand and walking dead make up place set up which was nice. The thing is, everyone is tired and hungry when they leave a con, and that van was like the cherry on top of the sundae.

Overall I would say this may very well be one of the best of the cons, they had great stars, the venue is always welcomed and I really appreciated the time and effort they put into Cosplay Central. 

On the report card I shall give this Con an

A (would have been an A+ if Mr Whippy was there)

Catch you next time.


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The Trail We Blazed! Tommy K's Oz Comic con Experience