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Adult Social Groups

Aspect provides opportunities for you to build your social networks and allows you to share experiences through the Aspect social group.

What we do
The Adult Social Groups are for adults, over the age of 18 years old, who are on the autism spectrum and want to improve their social and communication skills, through their participation in recreational activities. We provide opportunities to meet others, develop friendships and explore shared interests. 
There are social groups operating in various locations across Sydney Metropolitan, please contact us to discuss your needs and location.

•    Support the development of social and communication skills;
•    Positively impact upon the mental health and self –esteem of those accessing the program;
•    Support participants to have positive relationships with others;
•    Reduce social isolation;
•    Increase social connections;
•    Promote inclusion and engagement with local communities; and 
•    Provide opportunities for participants to develop transferable skills and competencies.

Throughout the year, we organise workshops through which participants can build upon their skills. 
We have partnered with Yum! Restaurants* and with their knowledge of the corporate sector, their staff have presented a number of workshops over several years, on topics ranging from employment skills, interview skills, and leadership and mentoring within the workplace. In 2016, our partners facilitated a series of 3 workshops supporting attendees to build the skills required for successfully finding a job and becoming employed, and with coping with the challenges of workplace stress.

*Yum! operates the licenced brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell 

In February 2016, the Adult Social Group hosted a series of workshops on Relationships and Sexuality. This series of workshops supported people on the autism spectrum to navigate the process of building friendships, relationships, and intimate relationships. Sexual health, sexual activity and consent were also covered.

Further workshops are planned for 2018. Please register your interest by contacting,au    

“Thankyou for making the day easy and fun for him , ensuring he was ok etc , it was great to see him just sitting and enjoying the space he was in and the other social club people that he seemed very comfortable with too. 
Made my heart sing to see him that way. It was great therapy for him to be out and about with you all”

Costs will be quoted for you depending upon your individual circumstances, including funding eligibility, the service you choose, and the pricing determined by the funder.

Contact us
Contact our National Customer Service team on 1800 Aspect (1800 277 328)  for more information or to register for the program.

Adult Social Groups