Autism Spectrum Australia

This is Aspect

At Aspect we are passionate about people, about being positive and about what's possible. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for people at home, in the classroom and at work. We are single-minded in our pursuit to make life better for people on the autism spectrum and we are devoted to making connections that help us to better understand people’s needs and wants.

This dedication extends beyond services and into our relationships with supporters, sponsors and funders. As an organisation we are genuine about our ability to make a difference in people’s lives and this belief is shared by the people we come into contact with. Being open, honest and sincere about what we can do and what’s possible build trust, confidence and belief in our people, our organisation and our future.

Aspect Policies

Governance Framework
Strategic Planning Framework
Working at Aspect
Risk Management Framework
Financial Integrity
Quality Management Framework
Service Access
Duty of Care & Dignity of Risk
Person Centred Approach & Recognition of Valued Status
Safeguarding the People We Support
Positive Behaviour Support
Embracing Diversity
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Acknowledement & Commitment
Aspect Comprehensive Approach to Education (ACAE)
Engaging Learners for Life
Research & Evaluation
Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback *
Privacy of Personal Information & Data

PolicyAt Aspect we value the feedback of our clients and their families.  We have a comprehensive complaints and feedback process in place.*

Please refer to Quality Management Framework and Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback for further information on our feedback and complaints policy.*

*Please note for complaints involving school services in South Australia: Neither the South Australian Minster for Education and Child Development nor the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development has any power to directly intervene in any complaints relating to the operations of a non-government school. Complaints regarding Aspect's school services in South Australia must be made through Aspect's complaints management process directly.

This is Aspect