Autism Spectrum Australia

Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA)

During 2017 Aspect progressed the development of the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA) as an organisation wide approach to practice.  The ACA will bring together all business units and increase collaboration to develop a consistent standard of practice, impact progress, provide a shared dialogue and further establish Aspect's point of difference across the education and disability fields. 

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA) draws on elements from our approach in Aspect Education with Autism Initiatives (UK)'s Five point Star at its centre which will be applied across Aspect Individual Options and Aspect Education. 

Key staff from across all services will be involved in the development of practice for each of the eight elements to ensure appropriateness for each life stage. Aspect Practice will work with Aspect Learning and Development to inform the development of the Induction Program and ongoing professional learning for the ACA and Five Point Star.

It is critical we are confident our practice on the ground is evidence-informed, consistent and of the highest quality and is continually changing based on new research and developments in the field. Therefore, the new ACA will require systematic review and development to maintain practice for each element and for the Five Point Star.  

Implementing this model across Aspect is a key priority so that everyone in Aspect - no matter where they work - can see themselves as an autism specialist.

Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA)