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Centre based and outreach

As from 1 December 2014, Alpha Autism and its services are now part of Aspect Choose & Connect. 

We have integrated Alpha Autism’s Day Service, Outbound (Respite) and Community Access and Transition Services into Aspect Choose & Connect. These services are individually focused and based on informed practice; supporting young people and adolescents on the autism spectrum who are transitioning from school settings to further independence, employment, volunteering, training and/or further educational pathways.

Aspect Choose & Connect works to individual interests to give people the confidence and skills to live successfully on their own terms and enjoy activities and connections within their local community. We will continue to build on the good work of Alpha Autism, founded more than thirty years ago, working in partnership with each individual, their families, and the community.

Day services

We provide a comprehensive range of services from locations across metro Sydney and Melbourne. Program plans and goals are developed with each individual and we offer a range of ready-made options such as photography, film-making and design programs that people can select if interested. All programs are designed to match individual interests and skills and provide an opportunity to develop new skills and experiences. Our key focus is social integration – enabling participants to gain confidence and skills within community settings.

Outbound program

In Victoria our Outbound program (previously Alpha Outbound) provides its members with an opportunity to participate in a range of social activities and short breaks, assisted by experienced support workers. These events occur on average twice a month on a Saturday with two weekend camps per year.

The Outbound program offers challenging adventures, trips and interactive activities which encourage participants to engage with others and to make the most of social occasions and new experiences.

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Centre based and outreach