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Club Weld

Club Weld offers a variety of music programs for people on the autism spectrum to participate in.

A melting pot of sounds, beats, music and people, Club Weld is a place where diversity is embraced and emerging talents shine through.

Whether exploring music for the first time or an aspiring musician seeking to collaborate with others, Club Weld creates a culture of musical inclusion and breaks down barriers to musical participation and learning.

 “I enjoy the creativity, thoughtfulness and the whole notion of a club that’s musically based. I feel like I’m a dream-catcher, I’m catching my dreams and living them sort of thing”     

                                                                                                                         (Anthony B, Club Weld Participant)

Club Weld continues to break new ground in establishing a dedicated music program for people on the spectrum, by:

  • Providing a community based program tailored to people’s musical interests and aspirations
  • Creating a supportive environment for people to explore, express, learn and make music
  • Nurturing creative relationships based around musical interests
  • Employing professional musicians who have specialised training in autism
  • Building skills and confidence in all areas of music making
  • Promoting the talents and aspirations of people we work with

Club Weld also develops partnerships with industry and arts professionals aimed at creating opportunities for people on the spectrum to participate in music at all levels. To date we have supported people on the spectrum to perform live, appear on radio, record and publish original music, produced a Club Weld compilation album and music video clips.

To hear some of the music people have been creating and meet some of the Club Weld members, visit our website,

If you would like to discuss how the Club Weld music program could benefit you or a family member, contact Sam Worrad:


Club Weld