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All research evidence supports that early intervention makes a significant difference for children with autism.

Getting the news that your child has autism can be confronting, and families need help to be able to support their child, explains Aspect Senior Manager Early Intervention, Rachel Kerslake. “If parents aren’t in a good position to actually support learning and working with their child, they're not going to get the outcomes that they want.” 

Aspect's early intervention program, Early Intervention Program, offers a comprehensive approach for children and their families. 

Aims of the Aspect Therapy Services Comprehensive Approach

For a child or young person, the Aspect Therapy Services Comprehensive Approach aims to:

  • Develop the child’s functional skills and minimise the core features of autism and the associated difficulties
  • Develop a child’s independence to facilitate participation and inclusion in the wider community

For a family, the Aspect Therapy Services Comprehensive Approach aims to:

  • Support families to develop a greater understanding of their child’s individual strengths and needs
  • Support families to develop greater confidence and competence so that they can support their child’s learning and development and participation in the wider community

For the community, the Aspect Therapy Services Comprehensive Approach aims to:

  • Support communities to understand and support children with autism or developmental disorders and their families to ensure active and meaningful participation in community life.

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Our staff and programs place families at the heart of their child’s program. We are responsive to families’ priorities and encourage families to be engaged in all aspects of their child’s therapies.

Transdisciplinary Teams

Our teams include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, early childhood educators who are all experienced with children with autism. Our teams co-operate closely to ensure the best outcomes for children and


All of Aspect’s programs are tailored to each child and family’s individual strengths, needs, interests, priorities and learning styles.


Our programs are based on current research and clinic literature regarding best practice for programs for children with autism and other developmental disorders.


Our programs aim to ensure that children and families are able to be involved in mainstream activities in their environment and communities.


Our programs focus on improving collaboration between parents/carers and other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for children and their families across all environments.

Capacity building

Our programs help to build knowledge about autism and other developmental disabilities in families and in the broader community. We aim to help communities to be more inclusive and for families to be strong advocated for
their child.

Embedded into everyday routines

Families are taught to help their children to use their new skills in everyday setting such as home, in the community and in their education or care setting. This helps optimise outcomes for their children’s development.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

We use a PBS approach to managing behaviour with an emphasis on assessment and interventions that focus on prevention, skill development and replacement behaviours.

Early Intervention Readiness Program - see also our latest Research Insights - Evaluation of the Early Intervention Readiness Program: a post-autism diagnosis family support program 

Upcoming early intervention workshops include:


Early intervention focus