Autism Spectrum Australia

In focus

We regularly gather together our evidence-informed, practice grounded information and materials to focus on a particular topic or issue.

This information is published here on our website, and via our regular Aspect Practice newsletter.

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Issue 1, April 2014: Positive Behaviour Support
Issue 2, June 2014: Technology in Practice
Issue 3, September 2014: Education
Issue 4, December 2014: Research
Issue 5, March 2015: Early Intervention
Issue 6, June 2015: Transition
Issue 7, September 2015: Mental health and wellbeing
Issue 8, December 2015: Social connections 
Issue 9, April 2016: Sensory processing difficulties 
Issue 10, July  2016: Autism and school connectedness
Issue 11, September 2016: Autism and employment
Issue 12, July 2017: Autism Strengths and Interests
In focus