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Board of Directors

Aspect’s Board of Directors exercises the powers vested in it by the Corporations Act 2001, Aspect’s Constitution and Regulations. The Board charts the direction of Aspect and monitors management's performance on behalf of Aspect’s members and other key stakeholders. It accomplishes this through:

  • a skilled, effective and diverse Board with appropriate operating standards and procedures
  • appointing, supporting, delegating to, evaluating and remunerating the Chief Executive Officer and providing for a management succession plan;
  • setting the vision, and agreeing the strategic direction and objectives of Aspect with management;
  • ensuring resources are available to achieve its goals by developing with management and approving Aspect’s Strategic Plan, from which is developed its annual Action Plan and budget, and by regular monitoring of performance using the Corporate Score Card against these plans and the operating and capital budgets;
  • advising, approving and monitoring management's activities and performance to ensure the Strategic Plan is being met;
  • ensuring a risk management framework is in place to identify and manage those risks that threaten the reputation, earnings, assets and the basic capacity of Aspect;
  • approving appropriate policies, guidelines and procedures and ensuring there is a compliance process in place to monitor adherence;
  • ensuring the integrity of internal controls for financial and management information systems;
  • maintaining adequate personal liability insurance for current and past Directors, and
  • ensuring Aspect’s activities are conducted ethically and transparently.
Board composition and size

Under Aspect’s Constitution there can be up to ten Member-elected Directors, each with a term of three years. Also the Board can appoint up to two Board-appointed Directors with terms of twelve months.

Meet our Board of Directors.

Executive team

Aspect has a dedicated and innovative Executive team, leading around 1200 staff members across the organisation.

Aspect Advisory Council

The Aspect Advisory Council comprises seven people on the autism spectrum.  The Council provides advice to the Board and the senior management of Aspect on its strategy and operations based on their expertise and experience and is a formal part of Aspect’s governance framework.

Meet the team