Autism Spectrum Australia

Positive Partnerships

Aspect is the lead agency of a consortium that delivers an exciting national initiative to support students on the spectrum.

The 2012 –15 Positive Partnerships program establishes essential relationships between school networks, families, carers and the greater community through autism educational initiatives.

This is the second phase of the program which originally launched in 2007 and successfully created better understanding and support for school aged students on the spectrum. This second phase of Positive Partnerships has been developed utilising the learnings from phase one. This means a refreshed, innovative program is in place with a key focus on rural and remote areas.

There are two components of the Helping Children with Autism package being implemented by the Department of Education. These are:

  • professional development for teachers and other school staff who are working with students on the spectrum (Professional Development Component); and
  • workshops and information sessions for parents and carers of school aged children on the spectrum (Parent/Carer Component).

Both components are delivered nationally by the Partnerships between Education and Autism Communities (PEAC) consortium.

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Positive Partnerships