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Recruitment and Consultancy Service

Aspect Capable Recruitment and Consultancy Service

Aspect Capable Employer Support Service can provide training, recruitment programs and consultancy to enable your organisation to successfully hire and manage employees from this untapped talent pool.
Our Recruitment and Consultancy Service provides support to your organisation to successfully hire and manage staff on the autism spectrum. With our support your organisation can access our talent pool of skilled candidates through our placement program to match our candidates to your specific requirements for internships or permanent positions.

Our recruitment program and consultancy can offer your organisation:
• Access to our talent pool of skilled candidates
• Guidance with job carving and matching inherent requirements
• Pre-employment training for candidate
• Step-by-step guidance and support throughout recruitment, orientation and placement
• Bespoke training sessions for teams and management staff
• In-work support for employees and managers
• Workplace assessments to analyse employee role, inherent requirements and KPI’s as well as recommendations for reasonable adjustments and working strategies.

Who is the service for? 
Managers, HR professionals, Diversity staff, Administration staff and any employee who may be seeking to hire or work with an individual on the autism spectrum.

When and where is it held?
Training is held at your workplace at a time suitable for you and your team.
Arrangements made to suit your organisations’ needs. This service is offered nationally, across Asutralia.

What does it cost?
Costs are tailored to your needs, contact us for a quote.

Where can I find out more?
For more information or to book a training session, please contact our
National Customer Service team on
1800 Aspect (1800 277 328)
(02) 8977 8300 in NSW
(03) 8808 6500 in VIC

Recruitment and Consultancy Service