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Strengths and talents for employers

Strenghts and talents of adults with Asperger's or High Functioning Autism (HFA)
  • Educational qualifications - half the adults in the WE BELONG study were working in jobs for which they were, according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, overqualified
  • Visual thinking  strengths
  • Systematic information processing
  • Precise technical abilities 
  • Attention to detail
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Low absenteeism
  • A disinterest in 'office politics'
  • People in this group are in fact employed across a wide range of occupations so care must be taken not to stereotype their interests and capabilities
What challenges and barriers to employment do adults with AD and HFA face? 

There are a range of specific challenges faced by adults in the context of both job seeking and employment including:

  • Lack of employment service and employer knowledge about autism, including the support needs of this group
  • Lack of relevant pre-employment training, including workplace social and communication skills
  • Traditional interview approaches - this group have difficulty 'thinking on their feet' in an interview situation
  • Adjusting to new procedures and routines
  • Remembering and following complex (verbal) instructions 
  • Responding flexibly to unexpected situations
  • Planning and juggling multiple tasks
  • Communicating effectively with co-workers 
  • Interacting socially 
  • Managing sensory sensitivities (such as in busy or noisy environments).

Adam aged 22

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Strengths and talents for employers