Autism Spectrum Australia

Who we are today

For Aspect, this is the beginning of a new era in service provision for people with autism or other disabilities.

The implementation of a National Disability Insurance Scheme provides exciting opportunities for Aspect to expand our network of services and certainty for people seeking to access our services. We are committed to our strategic goals which include creating more spaces for students on the autism spectrum in Aspect’s educational services and growing the number of people accessing our early intervention, behaviour support and Choose & Connect adult programs.

Because of our commitment to national projects in rural and regional communities, our increased online presence and the recognition we receive in the media as Australia’s largest national service provider for people with autism and other disabilities, Aspect is supporting more people than ever.

In 2013 alone we helped nearly 11,000 people with autism or other disabilities and their families:

  • provided 850 places for children accessing early intervention services
  • placed 630 people in positive behaviour support programs
  • Aspect schools received 971 new enrolments  and provided educational outreach training for 977 teachers from mainstream schools
  • Aspect schools transitioned 134 students to mainstream environments
  • Aspect schools operated 93 satellite classes
  • The NSW Autism Advisor Program conducted 2,189 appointments with families
  • Aspect’s Information line transitioned from a passive information service to a dynamic client interface complete with an interactive voice recording system. Between when the system went live in June and the end of 2012 we handled more than 5,500 calls from families looking to access Aspect services

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Who we are today