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Work with Aspect

Join Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and make a difference in a career that is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Aspect can offer opportunities for a range of specialist professional disciplines, as well as important support roles within both children and adult service units. Please familiarise yourself with the functions of Aspect Services and if you believe your background, experience and qualifications meet what is outlined in this section.

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Work Health and Safety

Autism Spectrum Australian (Aspect) places the highest importance on its Work Health and Safety (WHS) responsibilities and ensuring its workplaces are safe. This is reflected in the inclusion of WHS in Aspect’s governance structures, management priorities, strategic planning and the commitment of resources to support Aspect’s compliance with all relevant WHS legislation and regulations.

Diversity at Aspect

Autism Spectrum Australian (Aspect) values, respects and promotes the diversity of life experiences of our clients and staff and the communities in which we work. Aspect maintains recruitment and employment policies and practices which are based on equal opportunity and encourages the recruitment, retention and support of staff from diverse backgrounds.

Benefits – Working with Aspect

1. Tax effective salary packaging: Aspect is recognised by the ATO as being a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI). This means that PBI salary packaging opportunities are available to employees as Aspect is eligible for FBT Exemption. This includes $16,000 per annum tax free as well as other tax exempt benefits.

2. Life/work balance: Aspect recognises the importance of a healthy life/work balance.

3. Ongoing professional development: Aspect staff can participate in a learning and development program designed to help people grow and to enhance their skills and knowledge so they can respond to the changing needs of Aspect and the people who use our services.

Work with Aspect