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Young children on the autism spectrum often feel anxious and isolated - a tailored education can transform their life.

When you imagine a three-year-old boy, do you picture him playing in a park? Making friends at day care? Telling stories and bursting with curious questions?

For most children, the early years are full of exploration and confidence building. But for children on the autism spectrum it can be a time of fear and isolation. Many parents don’t want their child to feel distressed so they stay home to avoid public places and crowds.

As Australia's leading autism services provider, we pride ourselves on the transformational change that our autism-specific support brings for families. For Aaron, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age two, an autism-specific education has been the difference between a life of fear and anxiety, and a life full of pride and confidence.

This past year, many of our Aspect families faced financial stress which put their children’s education in jeopardy. With the new school year underway, we are seeing more families experiencing hardship and needing financial assistance.

Our School Sponsorship program helps ensure that every Aspect student can continue to access their autism-specific education, no matter what financial circumstance their family faces.

Your kind donation today will help protect the life-changing education of a child like Aaron.

“I'm extremely grateful for Aspect and their services. Now, I feel much more confident in Aaron’s abilities. Although he still needs a lot of support, we have a very happy little boy, who is loved by all that meet him, especially his family.”

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