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Put an early diagnosis within reach, donate today.

Help a child like Leo get on the road to the best opportunities.

An early diagnosis sets a child on the path to the right therapies and treatments that can transform their life – from the tools that help balance emotional challenges, to the education and equipment which help them reach their milestones.

Diane noticed differences in Leo’s development when he was just twelve months old.

'Leo wasn't meeting typical childhood milestones. He was isolated, and non-communicative. recalls Diane.

For the next two and a half years, Diane took him to numerous therapy sessions, as well as mainstream daycare, to try and help him socialise and improve his communication. But nothing seemed to work.

Diane wanted desperately to help her little boy, but he was unable to communicate what he needed, which made it difficult and overwhelming for her.

Your kind gift will make sure that more children can access life-changing support via assessments and specialist therapy.

The road to early childhood support, therapy and new possibilities.

When Leo was three and a half he finally received an autism diagnosis, Diane recalls being hit with a wave of emotions.

“...It put a lot of stress on us as a family…our main goal was to help Leo as much as we could, as early as possible, so we threw ourselves into doing that. But deep down, we were so worried about what the future would hold.”

After nearly five years of specialist therapy, including Aspect therapy and kindergarten, Leo is now an enthusiastic student and a compassionate, social and affectionate child who is fascinated by cars and traffic lights.

The trajectory of Leo’s life changed dramatically because of the specialist care he received from Aspect – care that was available because of a life-changing early diagnosis.

Help change the road ahead.

The change Diane has seen in her son is incredible. She attributes this to an early diagnosis, and the opportunities this opened up for early childhood therapies and a smooth transition to Aspect schooling.

“I am really grateful for the early diagnosis. I think without that help, he would be completely different now…probably a lot more withdrawn. It has been life-changing; Leo is receiving the right help, and we are both much happier.”

For a child on the autism spectrum, the road becomes smoother with each day of specialist support and therapy. And little by little, they can progress towards the best opportunities that will help them thrive.

Your donation today will help transform lives, you can make a world of difference for a child, like Leo.

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