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By becoming a Partner in Change, you are helping create a better future for people on the autism spectrum.

People on the autism spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many people on the spectrum, coping with the world around them can lead to confusion, frustration and unpredictability.

Without tailored educational support, children can fall behind at school, becoming excluded and isolated as a result. Making friends and keeping them can be an ongoing challenge.

As young people become young adults they seek independence and new responsibilities, but without a strong support network in the community they can struggle. Recurring negative experiences can lead to lack of confidence and sometimes depression.

The challenges faced by young people then compound in adulthood, making employment, relationships, and acceptance in the community difficult. As a result, many adults experience isolation, anxiety and confusion in their everyday lives.

Never before have we been so aware of the challenges facing people on the autism spectrum, and never before have we had the chance to act on this knowledge.

Like you, Aspect refuses to accept that it’s okay for anyone on the autism spectrum to be isolated, excluded or left behind. It’s our vision that every person on the spectrum has the support they need to thrive; every opportunity to fulfill their potential; and a supportive, inclusive community to live in.

Chad getting cuddles from his mum, Bec.

Currently, the need for autism-specific schools and support services is growing rapidly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing demand. The need for autism-specific schools and support services is growing rapidly and each year, nearly 2,000 families with a newly diagnosed child reach out to Aspect for help.

That's why we need your support. With you by our side, as a Partner in Change, we can break down the barriers faced by people on the autism spectrum. If you make the wonderful decision to become a Partner in Change, you will receive a welcome pack in the mail as a thank you for your generous support.

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