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Jarrah was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at three years old.

He wasn’t communicating like other children his age and he had extreme anxiety with sensory changes, like trying new foods or loud noises. Like many Aspect parents, Jarrah’s mum and dad felt a mix of relief to have a diagnosis and worry about how Jarrah’s autism would affect his future. They hadn’t yet learned how to create an environment that was tailored to Jarrah’s needs and how they could support him with his unique challenges.

“I spent days feeling sad, worried about the future, not quite knowing what it meant for us and confused about what to do next,” Jarrah's mum Thea recalls.

But as Jarrah progressed through grade levels at his Aspect school, his parents saw him develop his strengths and learn to cope with the challenges he faced.

“I remember the first day he started,” his mum Thea says. “I sat in the playground with him for nearly an hour, gently encouraging him to venture from my lap to the play equipment and eventually into the classroom, with the help of a classmate and his very caring teacher.”

“For the first couple of years, he would often hide under a table when asked to transition to the next activity. His teachers were always so understanding and nurturing. Now he participates willingly in almost all activities and is a role model to his peers. We are so incredibly proud of how far he has come.”

Jarrah has become a confident, happy boy who loves learning thanks to people like you.

Donations from our supporters have helped give Jarrah the expert teachers and tailored education that he needs to thrive.

With Aspect’s tailored support, Jarrah continues to make improvements and has built confidence outside school as well. He can go to the store with his mum, he is becoming more independent and he even participated in a school camp mud run – something his parents didn’t think would be possible with his sensory challenges. Jarrah’s big dream is to become a firefighter when he grows up. Thanks to you, this dream is possible.

This is the difference specialised support can make. Please donate today and give more children like Jarrah the chance to develop their strengths.

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